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Managing Director's Message

Since it was founded , Airlift Associates Sdn Bhd. has grown into one of the respected logistics companies in the country. Shippers have known Airlift Associates Sdn Bhd. as a trusted partner in logistics and warehousing. Built on that solid base, today’s Airlift Associates Sdn Bhd. is a national supply chain management company focused on forward-thinking logistics. What does this mean for your company’s supply chain? From our web based/desktop Customs programs and service offerings, you’ll see that Airlift Associates Sdn Bhd. provides strategically-located distribution centres integrated into a national logistics network. And best of all, we’re flexible. A distribution system that changes and grows with you Do your volume peaks change geographically with the seasons? Is your business subject to cyclical fluctuations? Or is it simply difficult to predict where the demands will be six months from now? Airlift Associates Sdn Bhd. caters for all these changing needs. Supported by a team with a combined experience of more than a century, Airlift Associates Sdn. Bhd. has thrived on solving our customer’s supply chain management challenges. The satisfying result has been long-term, rewarding relationships with some of Malaysia’s finest companies. Although we have expanded our market base, we have retained most of our key customers since our inception more than 30 years ago. This is a testimony to the long term trust relationship that we continuously share with our clients.

Mr. Arullan Rajoo
Managing Director

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